New cyber bullying tool: ‘text bombing’


A new form of cyber bullying, called text bombing, allows kids to torment one another by sending hundreds, or even thousands, of text messages simultaneously. Text bombing is often used after break-ups. A jilted teen will use social media to spread someone’s phone number, and then encourage friends to bomb that person with thousands of mean texts. In one text bombing case, a teen committed suicide after receiving hundreds of messages like, “You’re not important” and “Just end it all.”

One Internet safety expert said it’s mostly an underground problem, but it’s about to burst into the mainstream. Text bombing is made easier by apps that specialize in the practice. The most popular text bombing apps to look for on a kid’s phone are SMS Bomber and SMS Barrage, which has been banned from the Google app store. Parents should also watch for spikes in their cell phone bills. There are spam blocking apps available to help combat text bombs: Text Bomb Defender and Anti SMS Bomber Pro work for Android phones andNumber Cop is available for iPhones.


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